CNC laser is an excellent choice for building different products or semi-finished products. If you need to create a component or decorative item in the home, it is only up to your idea what you think and how it should look.

Such cutting is very large, mainly due to modellers who need a lot of small cuts to build their crafted model, whether aircraft or boats.

That's why we offer laser cutting to order

We offer cutting cuts whatever you need.
We process your idea into a computer form
Redefines the sketched product on a cut-outs
Redraw your plan from PDF to curve format

Delivering material for your project

If you are interested in our tailor-made cut, call 0903 585 646 or write
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The laser can cut the following materials:

  •      Balsa
  •      Plywood - poplar, birch, ceiba
  •      plexiglass
  •      Various plastics
  •      Rough papers, and the like.
  •      Leatherette - leatherette
  • *- if the material you want to cut is not mentioned and write to us